Smile Makeover: How to Know if It’s Right for You

Smile Makeover: How to Know if It’s Right for You

Smile Makeover

Having a smile makeover through your cosmetic dentist can help you achieve many goals with your appearance. Your teeth, gums and entire facial presentation can be transformed with one or multiple dental procedures. When you seek the help of a qualified dental professional, there are various factors to be considered before proceeding on your smile makeover journey.

One of the characteristics of your smile that will be examined is the length of your teeth. In general, longer teeth are viewed as contributors to a great smile. Some people believe that short teeth tend to make your face look older. Teeth lengthening is often sought as part of a smile makeover and can be achieved through composite bonding, dental veneers, or laser dentistry that concentrates on the gum lines.

Another consideration for a smile makeover is your smile line. This is an imaginary line extending from one incisor to another, and is parallel to the curve of the lower lip. The ideal smile line takes a proportional curve on both the lower and upper lip every time you smile. If your smile line is uneven or misaligned, then your cosmetic dentist can help.

The proportions of your teeth also serve to achieve a perfect balance within your smile and how it relates to your entire face. Your two front teeth in the center of your smile should be well-proportioned to one another. If they are askew, your dentist will suggest procedures for making them more even.

Just because cosmetic dentists focus on the aesthetics of your smile doesn’t mean that its functionality is forgotten. After examining all aspects of your smile and oral health, your suggested smile makeover treatments may include procedures to achieve better function or a healthier mouth. All of these things work together to make your smile the best it can be. A smile makeover may be the way you can get there.

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