Prevent Gum Atrophy and Avoid Oral Surgery

Prevent Gum Atrophy and Avoid Oral Surgery

Dental Cleaning

Gum atrophy is a condition in which the gum tissue recedes and pulls upward, away from a tooth, exposing the tooth’s roots. This can be extremely painful and dangerous to the tooth, as the gums are a protective type of tissue that is meant to surround and to provide support for the tooth.

Gum recession is relatively common for patients over forty. Gum tissue begins to retract, exposing greater and greater amounts of the tooth surface. This exposure means that sensitive tooth roots are routinely in contact with all of the bacteria, food debris and toxins in the mouth. This was never how teeth and gums were supposed to function, and it can result in tooth decay, a loss of fusion of the tooth’s roots to the jawbone, or in the need for a tooth extraction.

In some cases, if gum atrophy is diagnosed early and treated aggressively, the recession can be stopped and even reversed before it requires oral surgery. In order to accomplish this, patients must be willing to work hard and to change the way they clean their mouths.

The dentist will likely begin with a very thorough professional cleaning. The periodontal pockets will be thoroughly cleaned, and tartar, plaque and debris will be removed, both above and beneath the gum line. This helps reduce the levels of bacteria in the mouth that lead to infection.

Once the patient has received a thorough cleaning, it is now a personal responsibility to create and continue proper oral hygiene habits at home. Teeth should be brushed gently twice a day with a soft toothbrush. Hard toothbrushes can damage sensitive gum tissue, especially tissue that is in recovery. Floss once a day, preferably a night. Never go to bed with a dirty mouth, or bacteria will begin to develop as you sleep.

Speak to your dentist in Clermont to determine the condition of your gum tissue. Find out if you’re on the path to gum recession and then make a plan to stop that atrophy in its tracks.

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