Dental Veneers: An Excellent Solution for Mildly Misaligned Teeth

Dental Veneers: An Excellent Solution for Mildly Misaligned Teeth

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Do you suffer from slightly crooked or gapped teeth? Does the thought of full blown orthodontia not interest you? If you are an adult who is unhappy with your mildly misaligned teeth but dread the thought of braces, dental veneers may be the solution to your problem.

Dental veneers utilize a thin shell of either ceramic or resin material that adheres directly to the front surfaces of your teeth. While dental veneers do not actually correct the alignment of your teeth, they do create the look of a smooth, even line of teeth. Dental veneers mean you do not have to deal with the hassle of brackets and wires as you would with braces. Braces can take many months or even years of wear and office visits to correct your problem. Dental veneers are placed in one or two office visits, and require the same care as your natural teeth. With excellent care, dental veneers can last for decades before needing replacement.

If you are an adult with good oral health, it’s likely you are a candidate for dental veneers. Because veneers bond to your teeth, it is recommended your teeth be free from disease or decay when they are placed. Your dentist may be able to address and correct these problems first, making a healthy tooth surface for the veneers to bond successfully. Talk to your dentist in Clermont to find out if dental veneers would be a good option for your misaligned teeth. In no time at all, you could be enjoying a straighter, new smile!

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