New Patient Exam

New Patient Exam

If you are looking for a family dentist in Clermont with a focus on preventive, conservative, and comprehensive care, Dr. Buechele of Clermont Family Dentistry & Dentures is here to help. At our family-oriented practice, we treat patients of every age and help families prevent common oral health issues to keep smiles bright and healthy.

We’re always accepting new patients, and you can get started by contacting us now to book your appointment or speak with Dr. Buechele and ask any questions about our practice and services.

What Can I Expect From My New Patient Exam?

In most cases, your exam will begin with a teeth cleaning from one of our dental hygienists. This ensures that your teeth are clean and free of plaque and tartar. Our hygienists can also locate any potential areas of concern, and alert Dr. Buechele about them.

Once your teeth have been cleaned, Dr. Buechele will examine your mouth. Before doing so, he may ask you about your overall health and dental health, including any medications you’re taking, past dental surgeries, and other pertinent information.

Then, he will examine your face and neck, looking for abnormalities as part of a routine oral cancer screening. Your gums and jawbone will also be examined for signs of common dental health issues like gum disease. Your bite may be checked with a disposable tray, to ensure that you do not require any orthodontic treatment.

Finally, Dr. Buechele will check your teeth. He will look for cavities and other issues that may have been noted by your hygienist, identify any areas of concern, and discuss diagnosis and treatment with you.

Do I Need X-Rays?

In most cases, a simple clinical exam isn’t enough to diagnose potential issues with your mouth. Some problems are not visible during an oral exam, so an x-ray gives Dr. Buechel an inside look at the state of your oral health. Typically, you’ll only need x-rays about once per year if your mouth is healthy.

What Happens After My Initial Exam And Consultation?

If your mouth is healthy, all you have to do is schedule your next six-month appointment, and then head home! However, if Dr. Buechele has noticed an issue or area of concern, such as potential cavities or indicators of gum disease, you may need to schedule a follow-up appointment to have these issues treated as soon as possible.

Ready For Your Consultation? Come In Today!

If you’re ready to get started at Clermont Family Dentistry & Dentures, feel free to come in for a visit today! Dr. Buechele is an experienced family dentist and can treat patients of all ages with informative, communicative care.

We’re always accepting new patients, so contact us today at (352) 242-1763 to schedule your appointment. You can also drop by our office at 12344 Roper Blvd, Clermont, FL 34711 to schedule your consultation and get started.

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